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People today can go farther and faster than ever before thanks to modern vehicles. Journeys that took our ancestors days to complete on foot can now be wrapped up in mere hours with wheels. The concept behind cars is fairly simple but the actual execution is highly complex. Each unit is made up of multiple parts working as one in intricate designs. There are major components as well as fixtures and fittings that each have their own use. They are present in various forms inside small cars up to massive train carriages. Let's look at a few of them below

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pipe fittings

There are pipes across every vehicle that serve different purposes. For example, the engine cooling system may feature a water pipe that carries the liquid throughout the cycle. Each pass allows it to absorb some of the heat generated to regulate the temperature and keep the car running smoothly. The oil system also has a pipe through which the thick liquid passes through. Air also requires one when it exits the vehicle. The exhaust pipe is connected to the catalytic converter which reduces harmful emissions. This whole system must be cleaned and maintained regularly for good performance, fuel efficiency, and regulatory compliance. The air conditioning system requires pipe fittings as well.

LED Lighting

The interiors are shielded from the harsh elements outside thanks to the sturdy chassis. However, it can get dark inside the vehicle especially at night and when passing through tunnels. The lighting system can take care of this. Many of the modern lighting fixtures had light-emitting diodes or LEDs instead of more traditional bulbs. LEDs can provide the same amount of light while drawing less power which means that batteries can last much longer. They also tend to outlive older technologies by a large margin so they don't have to be replaced as often.


Security is a massive concern as vehicles are attractive targets for thieves. Sometimes these criminals will break into one just to take whatever personal belongings have been left inside. They could also take car parts with good resale value. A few go all the way and speed off with the vehicles to sell them in the black market. A simple yet effective way to deter these thieves is to install an alarm system. The most important component of these is the audible signal that alerts everyone in the vicinity. It can be activated by various sensors when they detect possible intruders. In trains, alarms can be installed near the doors to warn passengers when they are closing.

Body Fittings

The body of the car can benefit from a few items as well. A good example would be a dash pod system that can be installed in front of the driver's seat. This can hold satellite navigation devices that are suitable for long journeys and trips to lesser known places. These are popular fixtures inside ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Delivery vans may be equipped with these to boost efficiency. Check the working temperature before buying and ensure compatibility for best results.